Balls Out

Recent conversation with the Hubs:

Hubs: Lil Man really needs a haircut.  He’s starting to get a mullet, but then again, maybe you want him to have one, like all those guys we saw in Spain. [We went to Spain a few years ago and a lot of the guys were rocking mullets. If that’s possible.]

Me: Hey, don’t talk smack about Spain.  Your people wear miniskirts.  In the freezing cold.  [He is of Scottish heritage, I’m of Spanish heritage.]

Hubs: Yeah, and they don’t wear underwear.  But they wear swords with it and run into battle. With skirts.

Me: Is that where the term “balls out” came from?

Hubs: If it is, then Lil Man and I are getting kilts.

My man wants to wear a kilt.  Moreover, he wants to make our son wear one.  Just so their junk can be out there.  Am I a lucky girl or what?


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wife, mama, crafter, traveler. always want to learn more.
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