Lucky Girl

Lately, I’ve been so stressed out, running myself ragged, barely having a minute to breathe, much less relax.  Even with all this running around, I made myself take time today to do something so simple, that I can’t belive I had to really carve out the time.

I went to hang out with my neighbors. 

Really, that’s all.  It’s not that odd of a thing, especially on my street, where hanging out is a weekly occurrence.  Chances are, on any given weekend evening, you’ll find a group of us hanging out on someone’s driveway, baby monitors lined up on the side.  It’s easy to take for granted that I have this outlet to just go, get out of my usual surroundings, even if it’s just next door, and be a person again. 

To let go, to have a drink, to laugh, discuss manscaping and landscaping, how long till so-and-so’s daughter is old enough to babysit, share stories of how we got here, try out some moonshine…whatever the night brings.  Never anything crazy, never any danger of having the cops called on us (at least not yet).  Just slowing down and getting out.

I’d fallen out of the pattern for various reasons not worth mentioning. But tonight, when our neighbor waved us over to let us know what the plans were for the evening, I decided to make damn sure I’d be there.  I needed to be around other adults, I needed to get out of my house, away from the mess, away from the to-do list, and frankly, away from my TV & laptop.

So, with ingredients for s’mores in one hand, hot chocolate in the other (and wishing I had some khalua to put in it), and baby monitor hanging on my pocket, the hubs and I made the trek to the fire that was already in full swing next door (he was carrying his beer and our tailgate chairs).

It’s evenings like these, where I get to slow down, to spend time with neighbors that make me realize what a lucky girl I am.  I am so thankful to have this calmness in my life, and need to remember to seek it out more.  Why am I always so quick to stay in my rut, to shut myself up in my house, to alienate myself?  

It sounds idyllic, like the places you read about in magazines that people wish they could live in, but here it is.  I can’t even begin to say how unreal it is.  Snuggling with the hubs, laughing my ass off, watching the fire on my tree-lined street in my little town, in my little world.  There was even a freaking shooting star.  For realz, yo.  But I didn’t need to make a wish.  I have everything I need and want.  More, actually.  And I can’t even being to tell you how thankful I am.


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