Is it almost Christmas?!

I know I’m not the only one that thinks they’re doing Christmas a little too early this year, right?

The other day, I went to AC Moore to look for Thanksgiving decorations and crafts.  All I found was a small rack that had random leftovers from Halloween, a pack of ‘autumn’ stickers that consisted of a pumpkin sticker, the word ‘autumn’ and a sticker with a cat in a basket with fall leaves.  Oh, and then there was one lonely, mangled bow made of the ugliest pumpkin ribbon I have ever seen. This was Nov. 3, by the way.  AC Moore is now on my blacklist, especially since I went to Michael’s a couple of days ago and got a ton of Thanksgiving stuff, even though it was already on clearance.  At least they had it.  And who can complain about getting an awesome deal?  I scored all of Lil Man’s birthday decoration stuff for $21.  Sweet!

Okay, so back to premature Christmas celebrations.  I now know that I’m really not alone.  I went to Target over the weekend, which of course, looked like Santa’s workshop.  A little girl and her dad walked in right in front of us, and the little girl looked around, eyes open so big and bright, totally a Hallmark face.  Here’s the interaction that followed:

Girl: “Daddy! Is it almost Christmas?!”
Dad: “No sweetie, it’s still a little far away.” 
Girl: “Then why is everything about Christmas?”
Dad: “I’m not really sure.”
Girl: “Well, that makes no sense.”
Dad: “It sure doesn’t.”
Shoppers around them: ::snicker, snicker: “smart girl” “she’s got that right”

It’s nice to know that even little kids can see the craziness around us.  And I think that they’re the only ones that know to call us out on it.

So, to all the retailers in the country:

STOP THE INSANITY!!! You’re diluting the season for us, so that by the time it’s truly time to celebrate, we’re so sick of it that all we want to do is throw fruitcake [read: bricks] through people’s windows. 

You get us to shop early, then complain that Christmas sales are down for the tenth year in a row, because you count Christmas sales from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas day.  News flash: if you get us to shop early, we won’t have shopping left to do when you want it to count. 

So, for the sake of our sanity, and the sake of your sales numbers, please push back your Christmas marketing campaigns. 

hugs and kisses,
aliciamariel xoxo


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wife, mama, crafter, traveler. always want to learn more.
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