What do you wear to see a fashion consultant?

My first step in the road to Fantabulousness was to take a long look at my wardrobe.  After all, how you look has a direct correlation to how you feel, no?

My in-depth study of my wardrobe revealed what I knew already: it’s all crap.  Nothing fits right, and nothing’s pretty.

Step two: call in the big guns.  I contacted a local fashion consultant, and after chatting with her and googling her, I signed up for her Platinum Package (aka: the You’re In Desperate Need Package), and am getting really excited about the process.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll meet with her to get analyzed as to what will look good on me, from cuts and lengths, to colors and even accessories.  She’ll take me shopping and teach me what to look for, and how tailoring can make a huge difference. 

And this is the best part: She’ll give me a cheat sheet.  I’ll get a color palette of my top colors and cards with photos of my outfits with accessories so that I can just glance and get an outfit if I don’t feel like trying to match anything together.

I’m not sure how this will work, and I’m worried about meshing all my worlds together and still look good.  On any given day, I’m a mommy, wife, creative guru (ha!) at a conservative workplace, Junior Leaguer, and part of the neighborhood gang hanging out by the fire.  In the same day.

I have to admit, I’m very scared and intimidated by the whole process.  I have to fill out a client questionnaire with questions like “What are your three favorite things about your body.”  The old me would have put down N/A and skipped to the next question, but not anymore.  I thought about it, and tried to truthfully look at myself as more than the walking blob I feel that I am.  And you know what?  It’s not all that bad.

But what’s stressing me out the most is: What, exactly, do I wear to see a fashion consultant?  I mean, if I were going shopping, I’d wear jeans and a t-shirt and some flip flops.  Surely, I can’t wear that, right?  It will be a couple of hours of ‘consultation’ followed by shopping.  I can’t look like a slob.  So do I buy an outfit to go shopping?  Should I just own the fact that I have no style and rock the Reefs?  What would you wear?

Oh, and something else I did: I wore a real bra.  Wow.  I forgot what a good bra can do for you.  Nothing lacy or all that exciting, but it was black.  It has been a year since I’ve worn something other than plain beige nursing bra.  It was nice.  Knowing that I’ll soon be able to wear nice bras is making weaning a little less bitter and a little sweeter.

My goals for next week:

Health: Fit in more exercise and try to avoid salty and heavy food over Thanksgiving, since I’m meeting with the consultant the week after.

Looking/Feeling Good: Make more of an effort with my style, and figure out what the hell to wear to see the consultant.

Mind: Look into education opportunities to expand my job.


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