The definition of ‘rough and tumble’ boys

Why I love my baby boy so much:

  • After one day of use, this is what his brand-new shoes look like (sorry for the bad quality – it was taken on my cell phone):

  • He can ‘surf’ on his high chair.
  • The first day in the toddler room, he figured out how to climb the playground equipment and almost went head-first down the slide.
  • He gets dirty in school every day and needs at least two changes of clothes in his cubby at all times.
  • He thinks the dog bowls are there for him to play – just like the sensory tables at school, so I now have to hide them.  Poor dog.
  • He can climb the 20-some steps to our second floor without stopping for a break (with me behind him to catch him if he falls, of course).
  • He believes the world is there for him to explore, and I love seeing how he looks at things, and inspects them in detail. Like springy door stops and pieces of mulch.  They absolutely fascinate him.
  • Most of all, that after spending all of his days on the go, not stopping for anything, what he wants is to cuddle with his mama.

He may be on the go 24/7, and it may at times drive me nuts and I have ZERO time for anything other than him, but I love him, and I love that he’s so active and curious. What do you love most about your baby?


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1 Response to The definition of ‘rough and tumble’ boys

  1. Brianna says:

    It looks like you are getting your money’s worth out of those shoes! They are really cute by the way.

    I agree, watching my baby learn and explore his world is one of the best things. It’s so fun to watch things through their eyes at this age when everything is new and exciting. I love the pure innocence.

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