My computer was possessed by Elmo last night.

Yup.  There I was, waiting on dinner to get done, when I had the bright idea to pull up some Sesame Street videos on YouTube for Lil Man.  He was kinda cranky and hungry, and I still had about 10 minutes till dinner was done.

So, trying to come up with something different for him to do, I put him in his high chair, gave him a handful of Cheerios to snack on, and began to play some Sesame Street for him.  He loved the C is for Cookie by the most beloved character, The Cookie Monster.  Then I thought “Oh, he’s got some Elmo toys. Let’s see what Elmo stuff they have.” and played this.

And then all hell broke loose.  I couldn’t get out of full-screen mode, I couldn’t pause it, and I couldn’t exit out of it.  My cursor went MIA and the escape key was dead. Then it kept looping and looping.  I finally had to force close everything down.  When I started it all up again, it took a while to boot up, but a virus scan and every other check I know how to do proved that there’s nothing messed up.  I’m just going to choose to believe that Elmo wanted to remind us to back up our pictures rather than think that Elmo is evil and taking over my laptop (which is probably the truth).


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1 Response to My computer was possessed by Elmo last night.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Im not scared.

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