Pole Dancing and Ox Blood

So, I fully realize I slacked on my Fantabulousness Fridays post last week, but I have an excuse.  I was on a farm in the middle of Georgia with no cell phone or internet.  Eeks! In a way, it was refreshing, but I’m glad to be back in the real world.  So this is a double post.

So, last week’s post was going to be about how I went to a pole dancing in an effort to find some sort of workout that I really enjoy.  And holy hell, did I ever. 

See, it seems like there are workouts that get you buff and toned and skinny, but those are inevitably soooo boring and I’ll eventually stop doing them.  Then there are fun workouts that don’t seem to do much for me.   But this was different.

My sister in law came to visit me and I thought the pole dancing teaser class would be a fun and sassy thing to do with her.  And it so was.  We stretched, did the pinup girl pose, the mud flap girl pose, learned to slide down the pole, spin on it, wiggle our cute little asses and all sorts of other cute little things. So much fun. 

Then I woke up the next morning, and I could barely move, and stayed that way for a couple of days.  What I didn’t realize when I was strutting my stuff was that I was getting a mother of an arm workout pulling myself up and down the pole and killing my legs doing lunges every two seconds.  This is an awesome toning workout, and kind of a confidence booster.  It made me feel sexy, girly and attractive – things I haven’t felt in a long time.  I really think I found a fun and effective workout.  I just need to figure out if it’s possible for me to do this on a regular basis, considering my DH travels a lot, and I’ll need childcare.


So that’s last week.  This week was my big day with the style consultant.  I have to say I was scared and almost backed out, but I went anyway.  Off I went to a funky little neighborhood downtown to the consultant’s home studio.  Michele, the style guru, was so chic and put together than I almost turned right around and left.  But, hey, she has to be perfectly put together, otherwise, it doesn’t speak much of her talent, right?

So we chatted a lot about what I want to achieve, what I like, etc.  She talked about fashion and colors, and all the colors seemed to have been renamed after being sprung from the crayola box of my childhood.  We know purple is now eggplant, and hot pink is now fuschia, but did you know burgundy is now called ox blood?  Nice, huh? Great visuals there.

Then we spent some time analyzing my coloring, which she then punched into her laptop and determined that I am a ‘complex dynamic winter’  – whatever the hell that means – and sent off for a color palette of my top 40 colors.  I can’t freaking wait for this.  It’s like a little book of paint chips that I can take shopping with me, and not only are they colors that work for me, they are labeled so I know what will make my hair or eyes pop, what my best neutral is, etc.  She also had me do a true/false and multiple choice test to determine what my style is (delicate and classic with a touch of natural).  Then we finished the day with two hours of shopping, where I actually found a few really cute pieces that make me look like the person I feel that I am.

Here’s what I learned from that whole ordeal:

The yays-

  • I am a classic hourglass shape.
  • I found the colors that make me pop.
  • I’m a size smaller than I thought I was (a size smaller than my pre-preg size!!)
  • I was introduced to different places to shop that I’d never even considered before.

The Ughs-

  • The colors I’ve been wearing are totally wrong for me.
  • I’m still a freaking cow.
  • Shopping, even with someone who knows the ins and outs, is still an ordeal and not fun for me at all.  Except for shoe shopping, which is always good.

Now that I’ve had a few days to let things sink in, I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I realized that the reason I wore browns and beiges was to camouflage myself.  I was making myself blend into the background, make sure I didn’t stand out because I didn’t feel good about myself.  What ended up happening was that I looked frumpy and blah, which made me feel frumpy and blah, which made me want to hide even more…a bad cycle. But the days where I wore actual colors were the days that I ended up feeling alive and bright.  I just have to try to remember to keep a little spark on me every day. 

I’ve made a strong effort to wear a brighter color each day this week and try to look better with what I have, and I have to say, I’ve felt more confident, and I’ve kind of kicked ass.  I’m not back to my superstar employee mode, but I’ve focused more, been more purposeful in what I do and been a little more creative.  I feel like the cobwebs in my brain are starting to shake off.

That’s all for this week.  Thanks for sticking till the end of this huge post.


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