Toddler Slumber Party!

Lil Man had a slumber party at school today, which meant they got to go to school in their jammies and bring in a teddy bear, presumably for some sort of show-and-tell.  How they achieved this with one-year-olds is still a mystery to me. 

Isn’t this the cutest? 

I so wish I could have gone to work in warm fuzzy pj’s, especially since I don’t think the temperatures went above 33 degrees today.  Please excuse the crazy hair.  I don’t know what happened. We combed his hair this morning, and it was fine (if not a bit shaggy – the boy is in desperate need of a hair cut), but when we got to school and I pulled his hat off, it looked like we had never brushed his hair.  Ever. It was the perfect day to have wild bed-head, though.

The teddy bear part launched us into one of those “This is due when?!?!” kind of frenzies this morning.  I really thought I’d be spared from this kind of stress (although minor) for a few more years, but here it was.  Lil Man doesn’t have a teddy bear or stuffed animal that he likes.  The only one he has is his Mr. Moose, which we use for his monthly photos to see how our little moose is growing.  Which is fine, except that I wasn’t about to take that one into his school (Lord knows what would happen to it), and this left us with nothing to take in.  Of course, I forgot to search for one until I was literally walking out the door with Lil Man this morning.  I then proceeded to ransack his closet, the guest room closet, and his toy box downstairs before finding a little white lamb that someone had given us at my work baby shower.  However, my DH was not too keen on sending our Lil Man to school with a sweet, fluffy, little lamb.  We quickly tore into some storage boxes in our closet and I found a hairy stuffed gorilla that made Lil Man giggle when he tried to eat it (because the hair tickled his nose).  We had a winner!

Of course, Lil Man was completely bored with the gorilla by the time I walked back downstairs with him, so when we got to school, he didn’t even look at it.  All that craziness for nothing. 

But it was fun.  His teacher was so excited, almost re-living her own slumber party days.  She had them decorate sugar cookies (because they can’t gorge on cookie dough like you normally do at slumber parties) and had pizza.  I asked her if they were going to play ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ and I think she kind of wished she could.  How hilarious would that be to see a bunch of one year olds playing that?

All this talk is making me want to have an old-school slumber party.  Anyone else?


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1 Response to Toddler Slumber Party!

  1. Brianna says:

    I love when daycares do theme days like that. What a comfy way to spend the day.

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