No, I do not want fries with that.

I have to confess that ever since I being pregnant, and ‘suffering’ cravings, I have gotten into the bad habit of swinging by the drive-throughs.  Seriously, this kid gave me the worst cravings for really crappy stuff.  Tacos were the first meal that I could stomach when I was getting over morning sickness. It became habit to swing by a drive-through and grab some fries on my way back from OB appointments.  I craved salt like it was the key to my salvation.

But my habit stayed, even after Lil Man was born.  I realized that it’s no longer a craving, it’s just a bad habit.  I try to bring my lunch to work (except for Fridays when we order in something nicer at work), but inevitably, I’ll forget one day.  What ends up happening is that I forget to go get lunch until I’m starving, and then just want the quick and easy choice.  And it’s not even good.

So this week, in my quest to better myself (mind, body and spirit), I pledged to stay away from the bad stuff.  Then, that day came that I forgot to pack a lunch.  I have to admit, at 2 p.m., with my stomach growling, a mountain of work on my desk and a short deadline, the drive through beckoned.  But I didn’t cave. I went across the street to the chic little cafe and ordered half a salad and a cup of soup.  The total: just over $10.  That’s my Starbucks budget right there.  I almost died.  But that’s the lesson I’m going to have to learn.  If I don’t pack a healthy lunch, I’m going to have to pay out the nose for one and give up my luxuries in the process.


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