We were outnumbered, but it was okay

For some reason, I decided to host a little neighborhood get together.  I love my neighbors, and it just seems like we don’t get together enough, so I figured, why not?  After the evening ended, I counted up how many people were here, and I realized it was 17 kids and 16 adults.  We had been outnumbered.  Thank God for the Wii.

My favorite moments of the evening:

  • A little conversation between a 10-ish year old girl and a 3-year-old boy that went a little something like this:
    Boy: I don’t like cows.
    Girl: Do you like hamburgers?
    Boy: What? [with a totally confused head tilt and look to him]
    Girl: Do you like hamburgers? Do you like to eat hamburgers?
    Boy: Yeah! They’re yummy!
    Girl: Well, that’s a cow, and you like it, so you like cows!
    Boy: Now that’s funny! [then falls in a fit of giggles]


  • The little five year old that was deemed too little by the other kids to play Just Dance on the Wii, so he went up to each adult in the room said “Check out my moves!  Can you video tape my moves?!” all while dancing his little heart out.


  • Lil Man was super clingy.  I know I shouldn’t condone it, but he just wanted his mama and would cuddle up on me like I was the last person on earth.  I’m so raising a mama’s boy, and I don’t really care.  He so rarely cuddles, and the last few days, he’s been Mr. Snuggles.  I am totally soaking it up.


  • The snow!  It was a bit of a tease, just a few flakes in the afternoon and again in the evening, but any snow is just awesome to me.  I grew up in Puerto Rico and Florida – when I say it never snowed, I really mean it, not like people here who say it and mean that they get one or two good snowfalls each year.  It hasn’t lost its appeal to me, at least not yet.


  • My neighbors.  Just knowing that when the plan goes awry (we were originally going to roast a pig in my pig roaster that my neighbor was going to hunt, and ended up grilling chicken under a borrowed canopy), when the weather doesn’t cooperate, when it doesn’t seem like there’s enough food to feed everyone,  it doesn’t matter.  We just like to get together.

Life is good.  I just can’t say that enough.


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2 Responses to We were outnumbered, but it was okay

  1. That was great, lol, reminds me of a conversation my daughter would have. She’s three and prefers “Poke shoulda” to ice cream!

    FYI…speaking of pig roasts, La Caja China and I have released our first cookbook, “La Caja China Cooking.” Lots of traditional Cuban recipes, as well as Southern US favorites, and a few from around the world!


    – Perry

    • aliciamariel says:

      My La Caja China is the best thing I’ve ever gotten! We were supposed to bust it out for this neighborhood gathering, but a less than fruitful hunting trip and inclement weather made us have to change our plan. But the pig roast is on this Spring! Can’t wait! The book looks pretty cool- it’s nice to see different options for La Caja China. Thanks for sharing!

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