A Letter From Santa?!?!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas!  We are having an awesome time, full of family, giggles and just good times.  We’re awaiting some snow, which is oh-so-exciting for me.  This will be my first white Christmas!  Can’t wait!

Lil Man and me sprinkling reindeer food!

Last week, Lil Man had a bit of a surprise.  Santa wrote him a letter!  He told Lil Man that he’s excited to get to know him and see him grow through the years and that he has to be patient with us through all the pictures.  He also included a little bit of reindeer food!

I was stumped as to where it could come from.  My first instinct was to check the return addres.  It said Elfin Way, North Pole.  No clues there.  So I checked the postmark.  Blurred beyond recognition.  I called a couple of friends and they swore it wasn’t them.  Finally, at my mommy group’s monthly dinner, I asked if anyone elses little one had gotten a letter from Santa.  They all squealed “Oh my god! Yeah! We did!  It was so cute!…” and on and on. All of them, except one, who immediately got an angelic/devilish look.  Aha!  Mystery solved.  Apparently the blurred postmark was divine intervention or Christmas magic.  Perhaps a combination of both.  Or she paid off the local post office.

Still, I was cheered and inspired to write this little Christmas poem (written in like 6 minutes when my brain was frying at work, so don’t expect much):


‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through the city
There was chaos, confusion and stress – oh no! What a pity!

Soon we were home, and to our heart’s delight,
A letter from Santa, this sure was a sight! 

Santa and his old lady wrote a letter of welcoming
for a holiday with traditions that are oh so heart-warming. 

With good wishes for a little boy who’s too cute all year
And a packet of magic food for the big guy’s reindeer!

Some oatmeal and glitter and maybe some spice
Oh, please don’t let this attract any mice!

But the true present was love from a friend.
That will last at least ‘til next year’s end. 

With joy in our hearts and smiles full of cheer,
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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wife, mama, crafter, traveler. always want to learn more.
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