Lil Man’s Birthday Party!

Okay, I’m totally going to be an attention whore with this, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, tune out now.  However, if you’re into being crafty or want some ideas for a party of your own, you might enjoy some of the stuff I did.

For Lil Man’s birthday (almost a month ago…I’m such a slacker, I know), we didn’t do a full-out party.  Instead, since it was a couple of days after Thanksgiving, and we were going to be with family the whole weekend, we just decided to have some cake and sing for him. 

I *might* have gone a little overboard, considering this was just supposed to be a glorified smash cake photo op.  But it’s all good.  We all had a good time and I enjoyed being crafty.

His nickname has been Moose (don’t know why), and his room is a woodland theme, and we were at DH’s family’s farm, which is really more of a forest than a pigs-and-a-barn kind of farm, so we went with a woodlands theme for his birthday.

Here’s the banner I made for him:

I found the acorns on 70% clearance at Michaels and just cut out letters from scrapbooking paper.  The funny thing is that the pattern on the paper is called ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ and the color is almost the same as DH’s grandma’s kitchen, which is where we were for Thanksgiving.  We strung it with just plain string because I thought it would add to the ‘earthiness’ of the woodland theme.

Here is the smash cake:

It was pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, because I thought it would go well with it being Thanksgiving and all.  I piped the trees and the moose out of candy melts that I tinted and stuck them on after I frosted the cake. I wanted the front of the cake to be pretty for pictures, but the back looked plain, so I piped on there ‘We Love You!’ in case he’s a prodigy and can read (ha!). 

For the rest of the guests, I made pumpkin cupcakes and added a tree on each one:

Just to be more of an attention whore, I want to point out that I made the cupcake liners out of the same scrapbooking paper as the letters on the banner.  You can see them a little better here (sort of):

And here’s Lil Man playing outside, getting the sugar out of his system.  And yes, the moose on his sweater was the inspiration for the moose on his cake:

I had such a good time getting crafty and homemaker-y for my Lil Man.  It was a little tricky since everything we were going to do for him had to withstand a nine hour drive, and we’d be in the boonies, so there was no running out for a replacement.  And I apologize that the photos are atrocious.  Apparently nobody in the family can take a good shot.  Seriously.  This was the best I got from four different cameras.  The important thing is that I got some pictures and that we all had a great time.


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2 Responses to Lil Man’s Birthday Party!

  1. How adorable!!! We are getting ready to have my daughters first birthday next month! Can’t wait for the party!

    • aliciamariel says:

      Thanks! It wasn’t perfect – it’s kind of hard to throw a party at someone else’s house, 8 hours from your own home – but we had fun! Can’t wait to see your party pics!

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