Hi 2011…Hope you’re as good as 2010.

Is it me, or did 2010 end quite suddenly?  I don’t know if it was just a super hectic end to the year, or just me not being 100% together, but I just can’t believe it’s 2011.  New Year’s is always so exciting for me…kind of like the start of a new school year, I feel like I get a fresh start, like I can clearly see that there’s a future for me, and I get to choose it.  But this year I haven’t felt that surge.  It was just another tick on the clock.

There we were, my hubs and I, sipping ginger ale (his family was in town and they don’t drink so I got the next best thing, but then they ended up going to bed early) from our ‘good’ champagne flutes, watching the big ball drop on TV (and the big nut drop in North Carolina in a split-screen), and I got a little sad.  2010 was as awesome as it was crazy.  And just when I started to get the hang of it, it ended. Just like that.

Last year, I became a mom.  I watched my little seven-pounder grow to more than triple his size.  I went from being a timid, shy little girl, not really knowing what I was doing, not quite trusting my gut, to a pretty confident mom.  It’s been a dream come true, one that was better than I could have imagined.  To love and be loved so fully has been quite a surprise, to tell the truth.  Despite all my confusion about the rest of my life, I know I’m a good mom.  Not perfect, and I fully realize that I have a long ways to go before we know if I did a good job as a mom or not, but so far so good.

Last year, I saw my husband in a different light.  Not just as my partner in crime for the past 8 years, or the love of my life.  He’s now my partner for life, the father of my child.  There’s just something about seeing a manly specimen of man kiss his baby son’s tears away.  I love watching him with our son – how he tickles his foot when he puts on his socks, how he reads his favorite books from when he was a kid, and kind of ignores any others (because as great a man as he is, he still is and always will be a kid at heart). I love to see Lil Man’s excitement when the hubs comes home and how he looks into his daddy’s eyes with this sense of wonder and awe.  It’s enough to melt my heart each and every time.

Last year, our house became a home and our life took on new meaning. 

So you can see why I’m a little sad to see 2010 fly by.  But 2011…What’s that going to be like?  What is in store for us?  What will I accomplish?  I have no clue what’s coming my way, and that’s getting me a little excited.  So cheers! Here’s to 2010, my most defining year yet, and here’s to a great 2011!


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wife, mama, crafter, traveler. always want to learn more.
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