My Pandora’s Box has been tamed.

This week, I set out to complete my reorganization by tackling what has become my nemesis: my cook book. 

It doesn’t look all bad, but trust me. It’s like one of those prank peanut cans, where you open it and all kinds of craziness bursts out.  A modern day Pandora’s box.

Back when I first got married and settled into our first home, I was freaking Betty Crocker, always trying out some new recipe, baking like a madwoman and all that jazz. I decided that I had so many recipes on little slips of paper, that I should probably put it all in a binder.  One trip to the scrapbooking store and a night home alone (the hubs was on a business trip), and – voila!- I had a cookbook in a binder, with categories and everything.

That was seven or eight years ago.  Now, it’s become a recipe graveyard, full of recipes I’ve never made, scraps of paper shoved into it, in hopes that someday, I’ll be able to throw a fabulous, intimate, forty-course dinner party where whip out all brand-new recipes and manage to have the house be immaculate and myself not stressed and totally put together.  Ha!

Over Christmas, I asked my mom to make her crustless quiche (which I had to tell my husband is actually ‘egg pie’ because he wouldn’t go near anything as dainty as quiche), and she couldn’t find the recipe.  I could have made the dish faster from memory in the time it took to find it in the book.  In fact, that’s what I end up doing.  What’s the point of having a recipe book if I’m going to bypass it each time?

This made me realize that I needed to clean it out.  Pages and pages and pages were ruthlessly tossed out.  I mean, I can be pretty handy around the kitchen, but am I ever going to make sugar coils to decorate some fantastic dessert?  I don’t even like pâté.  When am I ever going to make it from scratch?

I rediscovered some old favorites like turtle cheesecake (anything turtle and I are bffs – but only the chocolate/pecan/caramel kind, not the green shell kind that snaps your finger off), and the Red Lobster cheesy biscuits. 

I think I’m going to redo the cover and the section dividers, but I’m close to being done. It’s nice to have another little piece of my world organized.  One day, the brain clutter will follow suit.

What I am missing are actual meals.  I don’t have many main dish recipes, which I really need.  If anyone wants to share their favorite (easy and fairly healthy) dinner recipe, please help a sistah out.


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