A Little Bit of Pillow Talk

This morning was awesome.  Lil Man, completely by the grace of God, slept in.  Which meant that mama and dada got to sleep in, something that hasn’t happened since Saturday, November 28, 2009, the day before Lil Man was born.

And it was nice to wake up on my own, not from a crying baby or an alarm.  I stayed in bed, enjoyed the sunshine streaming in and enjoyed scooching up to the hubs.

And then it happened.  No, not that, you dirty girl.  We started talking.  And not about the baby, or work, or what we had on the agenda for the day, or what needed to be done to the house, or the budget.  I told him about my crazy dreams last night (not dirty, just crazy and a bunch of them), and how I keep having recurring dreams about three different towns (variations of places I’ve been to in real life). And another recurring dream that my high school calls to tell me that I didn’t properly pass chemistry, and they’re taking my diploma away, which makes me freak out because it will invalidate my University of Florida (Go Gators!)degree. Yeah, I know. I’m nuts.

He then told me about a weird dream he had a couple of weeks ago and that how when he has weird dreams he’s able to realize it while he’s dreaming and he starts doing tests to make sure it’s a dream (have I mentioned he’s an engineer?), and then conversation just went from there. 

We talked about nothing. Nothing heavy, nothing life changing. Just nice pillow talk between two people who love each other to death, but don’t always have time to just be in love.  It was a little  pocket of time where the hubs and I were able to reconnect a little.  Can I just say how much I loved it?


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wife, mama, crafter, traveler. always want to learn more.
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