What In The World

Leaving my baby boy at school every morning can be very hard.  Especially lately, when he’s been a little clingier in the mornings, and just wants to be with his mama. 

But my guilt is always eased just a little bit by the afternoon when I get a daily e-mail titled “What In The World” with a recap of what his class did and tons of photos.  This little nugget of joy arrives in my inbox [almost] every afternoon.  I should be used to it, but somehow I always forget in the hustle and bustle of work life.  And then, just when I’m about to kick the copier, claw someone’s eyes out, or chuck my computer across the room, there it is.  In my inbox. My little nugget of joy.  I have to tell you, this thing is better than chocolate.  For realz.

At first glance, the title of it is cute, referring to what happened in the world of toddlers that day.  But after a while, I’ve noticed that it’s more like “What in the world is he doing?!?!” followed by a laugh – often my first laugh of the afternoon.  The teachers have caught him doing the following:

  • Going face first down a slide.
  • Dancing on a table.
  • Running up a ramp.
  • Eating foam soap.
  • Eating paint.
  • Sitting inside a bookcase.
  • Surreptuously hiding something behind a trash can.  This was today, by the way.

Rest assured, he has never come home with any injuries.  And the teachers do take excellent care of them and interact.  They don’t just stand there with a camera all day.

These daily newsletters help me peek into his day and see him interacting with his friends, playing with new toys, and being a little boy in his own little world.  Although sometimes I hate pawning off my parenting (and having to pay for it), at least the daily e-mails help me be closer to him in a way, and reinforce that I am doing what is best for my child (my child, not all children), and exposing him to a world of learning that I wouldn’t be able to expose him to if I were at home.


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