Excitement in the Mundane

Remember when you were little, how much fun it was to go to your parents’ office, seeing the giant maze of offices and cubicles, having people sneak you candy when you knew you shouldn’t have candy?  Snagging post-its when you thought nobody was looking, swirling around in the conference room chair, pretending that you, too were important, like all the other people there…Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who snagged post-its in my youth. 

To most of us, going to the office is just usual drudgery.  Gray office dividers, gray carpet, gray walls…no matter what color they paint, it’s always etched in our minds as gray, isn’t it?  Except my windowless office, of course.  I’ve come to refer to the paint color in my windowless corner of the world as ‘cadaver beige’ and one look at it and you will agree…but I digress.

Last weekend, DH had to run up to his office to check on something.  Instead of sitting at home, I decided to bundle up Lil Man and go along for the ride.  Although nobody was in the office, Lil Man had a blast walking around the long hallways, going for a ride on the rolling conference room chair (okay, so I might have instigated that one…what can I say? I’m a kid at heart), and peeking into all the different cubicles.  It was fun.   It took me back to when I was little and got to go to my parents’ offices.  Back to when it was exciting and amazing.  When I snuck around in awe of what ‘important’ people did, and found an empty typewriter station (yes, I just dated myself on that one) and pretended to be one of the office staff, as if nobody would notice that my pink flower sandals didn’t quite touch the ground.  I think I even managed to staple my finger once.  See? Exciting and amazing.

And you know what?  For Lil Man, it is exciting and amazing.  Everything is.  Wouldn’t it be great if we remembered to look for excitement and amazement in everything that we do?  Especially in the mundane?


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wife, mama, crafter, traveler. always want to learn more.
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