Victory Day

One of the many blessings I’ve experienced in the past year has been getting to know the girls in my mommy group.  I signed up for the class on a whim after seeing it online.  I’d started feeling a little isolated in the weeks after Lil Man was born, and needed a way to connect with the outside world.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out.  I’m not good in social situations, but thought that maybe I’d meet some new friends.  Maybe.  At the very least it gave me something to do for a couple of hours each week until I had to go back to work.

And that is how I came to be part of this mom group.  I’ve learned so much from them (more so than from the actual experts that came in to talk to us): going out in public with an infant, nursing in public, tricks for soothing, activities to do with kids… Most importantly, it let me know that I wasn’t going through this newborn stage by myself.  That everything I was going through was normal.  Even though you hear about it, it’s different (and oh-so-comforting) to actually see that other people are going through what you’re going through.

Soon after we started, talk began of having a big bash once we all had made it through one year of motherhood.   Somewhere along the way, I became the main organizer and had a blast planning a day to honor and pamper my friends to toast our survival of the first year of being moms.

We had a day at the spa, which included a party room where we could hang out and wait for our services.  There, I set up a bellini bar (peach, raspberry and blueberry purees to mix in with champagne) for the girls. This went along with some wine and other goodies that they brought.  And somehow, some Justin Bieber plates and napkins.  I guess it’s impossible to have a group of moms together without a baby factored in in some way, shape or form.  The spa was awesome.  I had a mani and a hot stone massage.  I was so nervous about it, but now I am fully pro-massage and can’t wait for my next one.

Next, we went to dinner at a chic little brasserie.  It was so cute and elegant.  Upscale enough for a nice night out, but casual enough that we could have a good time.  When the girls walked in, they were greeted with this at each place setting:

a personalized gift basket full of goodies! I just love the ‘fabulous you’ tissue paper.  How perfect is that for this occasion?

Then, as if it weren’t enough, we had some Golden Pacifier awards, in which each girl was noted for one of our unique mommy characteristics – like meticulous record keeping, survival of most 4 a.m. crib parties, travel with an infant during the holidays, etc.

The girls flipped, and my co-conspirator (the same girl who coordinated the letter from Santa) and I just loved surprising them.

That’s probably what I loved about this little project – all the surprises and extras that we got to do for the girls. We were celebrating the biggest accomplishment of our lives (at least of mine).  We needed to do something big.  I loved spending time finding the baskets and the goodies to fill them, fluffing the tissue paper just so, making the name tags, etc.  Even when I wanted to throw the baskets out of the window because I couldn’t figure out how to make the name tags lay nicely, I loved it. I loved being a little crafty and resourceful.  I loved having an excuse to go to different stores.

Mostly, I loved it because I knew it was going to make someone else feel special and good about themselves.  And that, to me, is worth more than anything.


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