This is why I wear flip flops.

Most people find it funny and quirky that I wear flip flops and open-toed shoes pretty much year round. That is, until they have to spend a day with me when I wear closed-toed shoes.

And it’s even worse with socks. Something happens when my toes are forced into confinement. The temperature goes up, and it affects my whole body, until I have no choice but to blow off steam. What usually happens is that I turn into the biggest raging bee-otch you’ve ever seen. Seriously.

I’m just going to interject a little self-redeeming love right now: This year, in my attempt to look better, I’ve been able to rock some closed-toe shoes, like cute flats, occasional pumps, and very, very rarely, a pair of boots or two. It seems that the raging B inside of me is easily appeased with cute shoes, as long as it is cold outside.

For the most part, I tend to shake things off, plaster on a smile and find something good in a situation, or at least something to laugh about. But slap some Nikes on my feet and forget it. A monster takes over, and doesn’t go away no matter what.

Take this past Friday, for example. I knew I had a ton of running around to do at work. My office is super casual on Fridays. I checked the weather: high in the high 30’s. Certainly a day to slip on some socks and my EasyTones, right? Yeah… not so much.

A few things that have been brewing caused a snippy e-mail to fly out of my fingertips. Now, the snippy e-mail wasn’t the issue. It was well-deserved and needed to go out. It was the fact that after it went out, I didn’t let it go. I continued to let small things get to me, even things that didn’t affect me.

And I didn’t just keep it to myself. I whined and complained the whole day. Yes, I am ashamed to say that I was that girl. I was annoyed at myself, couldn’t get happy and that annoyed me even more. The whole day, I felt like I was being smothered by darkness. I just couldn’t shake it. And it annoyed me even more that it was on Fun Time Friday. We always have a blast in my office on Fridays. It’s my favorite part of working where I work.

Then, about half an hour before I headed home, I tried to stretch down to see if maybe pumping my blood a little would help lift my spirit. After all, I was about to go pick up Lil Man, and I wanted to be in a good mood when I finally got to be with him (even though he’d put me in a good mood after the first squeeze). And there they were, right in front of my nose. My Reeboks. That was the moment where it hit me. This is why I wasn’t able to get happy all day. The damn shoe thing reared its ugly head again. Son of a biscuit. I thought I’d overcome that, but I guess not.

I immediately went to my co-workers and apologized, vowing that I’d never, ever wear closed toed shoes to work, at least not without bringing an emergency pair of flip flops with me. The great thing is that they already knew my weird shoe thing, and when I told them what had happened, they laughed about it with me. Finally, I was able to laugh for the first time all day.

By the way, the shoes and socks came off the second I got home. And I have been happily and blissfully barefoot since then, despite icy rain and chilly weather.


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