My favorite four-letter word

Lately, I’ve been loosely following along WordPress’ Post-a-Day/Post-a-Week project.  The daily topics really get my mind going, but I either am not interested in the topic enough to sit and write about it, or I simply didn’t have the time available to focus.

But today is our lucky day – I have both the time and the interest.  Woo hoo! The inspiration today is to write about your favorite word, with the bonus being the opposite – what words you dislike.

Having (sort of) built a career based upon writing, and English being my second language, words are always interesting to me, so I have a difficult time choosing an absolute favorite.  So, how did I choose?  Simple.  I followed my gut and went with the first word that popped in my head after reading the question. 

Sass. Most often heard as ‘sassy’ as in ‘Ms. Sassy Pants’ or in the common warning to little girls everywhere: “Don’t get sassy with me, young lady!” Definitely a word I love, because I am full of it (and other things, I’m sure). 

To me, ‘sass’ is the combination of many great traits: wit (which I used to describe to my students as being funny but being smart about it), confidence, sarcasm, fun, ingenuity, smart-assedness (yes, I’m making that a word), zest, effervesence, coquettishness…so much packed into four letters.  Two letters, really. See? It’s my favorite four-letter word.

Now the flip side.  It’s much easier to come up with words that I can’t stand: supper, moist, taxes, honey (but only when I’m being called that – I harbor no hatred for the luscious liquid gold that flows out of the heads of plastic bears)…I could probably spend the rest of my lunch break listing words that make me shudder every time I hear them. 

But what I don’t know is why I don’t like them. 

Don’t we all want moist (urghh) brownies?  Someone saying “Oh, honey, come here and let me give you a hug” is certainly no reason to want to throat-punch the speaker.  Taxes really aren’t that bad for me, since I don’t do them – my accountant gives me an envelope, we pop in our forms as we get them and then I hand them off to her.  And supper?  It usually means people are getting fed, which is usually not tragic, depending on the cook.

I’ll chalk it up to personal preference, the same way that someone can show me ten million smart, handsome, funny, tall, dark-haired guys, and I’ll only love one (my hubs).

What are your love ’em and leave ’em words?


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