Let’s chat, shall we?

In this FB/tweet/text kind of world that we live in, we’ve kind of forgotten about actual human contact.  For someone who is shy like I am, texting and e-mailing is a Godsend.  It allows me to communicate with people where I’d normally chicken out shy out of actually talking to them. 
In many ways, it’s good.  I mean, communication and relationship-building of any kind is good.  And it’s convenient, right?  I can type out a quick e-mail and make contact with someone and not have to worry about my son needing me, or interrupting someone in the middle of something.  It’s instant and on our terms. 
But it’s…cold.  Impersonal. Distant. Something gets lost in typing.  The effort it takes to wiggle your fingers over the keys takes away the feeling of what you’re trying to say.  Facial expressions, body language – that stuff really does count.  LOL & hahaha is not (and will never be) an acceptable replacement for hearing someone’s real laugh.
Lately, I’ve been trying to have more face to face or ear to ear contact with people.  Last week, I was scoping out a consignment sale and saw something I thought a friend of mine could use.  Normally, I’d e-mail her or text her.  But I decided to call her real quick.  Such a simple thing, but it made much more of a connection.  When you think about it, it’s much easier to call someone than text or e-mail. 
At work, I’ll call people instead of e-mailing them.  And if they are in my building, I’ll walk to their office.  Because it’s work, I have to confess that I’ll still follow up with an e-mail, just for record-keeping.  But it’s much better when you talk face-to-face or ear-to-ear, as the case may be.
I’d been relying on electronic communication too much.  I’ve learned that while technology is great, and I love being able to comment on people’s statuses, shooting off a quick e-mail to a friend, or texting my hubby that I love him, that it’s no substitute for actual human connections. 

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