Getting by with a little help from my friends. I hope.

I used to look pretty good in college.  I wasn’t anything amazing, and lord knows that plenty of girls were smaller than I was, but overall, I had a good thing going. 

Soon after getting married, the hubs began traveling. A lot.  As in 50% or more of the time.  And I guess I kind of resented it, because somehow, my habit became to ‘treat’ myself while he was away.  At first, he didn’t travel all that much, so having Nutella and double stuff Oreos wasn’t great, but it wasn’t detrimental.

But as his travel increased, my ‘treats’ did as well.  At some point, I should have realized that his traveling was not an exception, it was the rule, and that I couldn’t keep eating like a frat boy.  But I didn’t.  So the pounds began to add up.  I see how bad all of this is.  These ‘treats’ are unhealthy on so many levels.  Physically, health-wise, emotionally, and so on.  Trust me, I know. 

I’d like to say that I’ve gotten a little better with the past trips, but I think I went the other way.  After working a full day, then taking care of Lil Man, I just didn’t eat.  So when I did have time to eat, I was so hungry, I’d eat anything.  Again, not good.

Now that his travel is picking back up, I’m scared I’ll fall into old habits.  Tonight, as he’s packing up his suitcase for a two-week trip, I’m terrified of what’s ahead for me.  I know that I need to be better.  Other than a box of Caramel Delights, I don’t have junk in my home.  But that still puts me in danger of making rash decisions and going out and buying convenience foods.  But I need convenience.  I have 12 days ahead of me of work, being a mom to a super active toddler, running my home and trying to breathe.  Shortcuts are a necessity for my survival.  But I have to be able to make good choices, and I don’t think I know how.

I need to figure out how to treat myself without packing on the pounds.  And I need people to keep tabs on me to make sure I’m making healthy choices and eating well. 

And that’s where you come in.  Whether you know me in real life or not, I’d like to hear some tips on staying on track and not falling into bad ‘pity-me’ or ‘it’s just easier to have popcorn for dinner (or skip it altogether)’ kind of habits.   If you do know me, keep tabs on me.


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