Talkin ‘Bout the Big Day

Well, the big day finally came and went.  Yes, it was my best friend’s wedding day (the one where I was a bridesmaid), and it was absolutely perfect.  She was the perfect bride, the setting was beautiful…everything was simply perfect.  In the almost-20 years I have known this girl, I have never seen her so confident, radiant and comfortable in her own skin.  My heart swells when I think of her on her wedding day, knowing that she is just on top of the world.

But that’s not the big day I’m talking about in this post – partly because it was her day, not mine, and partly because I don’t have any good pics.  I’m talking about my big day.  The one that’s been 16 months in the making: the one where I got to sleep in and enjoy being with my husband.  Oh, my.  This might actually almost top the wedding day. Almost.

Leaving Lil Man overnight for the first time was heartbreaking.  Luckily, I pretty much had to hit the ground running as soon as we arrived in Naples (FL, not Italy…I wish) for all the wedding festivities, so I didn’t have time to focus on how much I missed my Lil Man.  As soon as I crossed the city limits the tasks and activities started.  It was checking into the hotel, with half an hour to spare before mani/pedis with the bridal party (which of course ran late).  Then I had 20 minutes to get ready and drive to the rehearsal.  Amazingly, I made it, arriving at the location much like Maria arrived at the convent when she lost track of time while singing in the hills in The Sound of Music (remember, right after the nuns sing “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” and she runs in and pumps the water pump to wash her face?).  This was followed by a trolley tour, sunset on the pier, and dinner, which was followed by me stumbling (because of my fab shoes, not because of drinks) back to our hotel sometime close to midnight (which is about the time I normally go to sleep, so no biggie there.).

The wedding day saw me waking up kind of early to do some work, get my polish redone (I massacred my nails that badly in just one night.  I’m hopeless.), quick lunch (a Publix sub! yay!), hair appointments with the bridal party, getting ready, then the wedding, photos, reception, etc…and again, stumbling into the hotel room, this time after midnight, and because of shoes and drinks (but just a couple…I promise).

But the day after was mine, all mine.  Well, and the hubs’ day, too.  Our day.   We woke up when the sun was burning hot and already high in the sky.  We didn’t have to wake up to a screaming toddler ready to start the day.  We didn’t have to change diapers, or worry about making a kid-friendly breakfast.    We went to lunch and didn’t have to remember to bring a sippy cup, or make sure Lil Man wasn’t target-shooting other patrons with his mac and cheese.  I didn’t even have to deal with car-seat straps.

What we did do is actually talk during lunch (and sip some wonderfully frozen drink concoctions that I miss oh-so-much now that I live in NC).  We stopped wherever we felt like stopping because we didn’t have to worry about how long we were dragging Lil Man around or about taking him in and out of the carseat.  We enjoyed spending time together.  We were able to sit quietly and calmly and watch the gorgeous sunset on an almost-deserted beach.  We were able to go to dinner after the sun went down, because it wasn’t past anyone’s bedtime.  We were able to stay out late, because nobody would be waking us up at 6 a.m. ~ at least not if they cherished their life.

It was a leap back in time (about 16 months, but wow how different it was back then!), and it was wonderful. I really need to set time aside with my husband to just be us.  After all, how is our relationship going to last if we ignore it or take it for granted?  It was nice to visit that lifestyle for a couple of days, but it was also nice going back to our reality. I missed my little boy terribly, and was happy to get back to him.


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