I’ll Admit It: I’m Addicted

I’m not sure if this is normal, but one of my pregnancy cravings stayed with me.  Even now, two years later, I can’t get enough of this:

Yes.  Cocoa Pebbles.  Not Puffs, Krispies, Bits or anything else.  It has to be Cocoa Pebbles.  The one with the Flintstones on it. 

Every time I tell someone I like (more like love, adore, can’t get enough) Cocoa Pebbles, the first thing out of their mouth is “Not Cocoa Krispies?”  No, no, no, no.  No.  Did I effing stutter?  I do believe I know how to read the cereal box.  It’s Pebbles. Definitely Pebbles.

Or they’ll say they don’t like them because they don’t like Fruity Pebbles (which suck, by the way).  How does that even make sense?  It’s like saying you don’t like Coke because you don’t like Sprite.  Same company, but pretty different product. Why do people gotta hate on my Pebbles anyway?

The fact is that they are delicious.  If you have any doubts, pour some over vanilla ice cream.  It’s quite heavenly, I must say. Or make Rice Krispie treats with these instead.  But you really don’t need to do anything more than put them in a bowl and splash some icy cold skim milk on them.  Sometimes simplicity is best. 

The hubs used to give me the hardest time about my little indulgence, always telling me that Krispies were better.  Finally, after Lil Man was born and pregnancy hormones weren’t involved in the decision, I got some Krispies so we could compare/contrast (yes, we’re nerdy).  Guess who ate some crow along with his cereal that night?  That would be the hubs.  He’s now a convert to Pebbles.  Amen, halleluiah!  It might have caused problems in our marriage had he not seen the light.

Ooh. They’re just so good.  Crunchy, sweet, and apparently gluten-free to boot.  Who knew?

Does that make them healthier? Because if that’s the case, then I might just go have some more.


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