My First Encounter With A Celebrity

This is today’s WordPress Post-A-Day topic: Describe your first encounter with a celebrity. I don’t think this was my first encounter with a celebrity, but it’s the first one I remember, and it’s not quite a celebrity.  I guess it’s more like my first encounter with ‘celebrity’ in general, not a celebrity per se.

 My first job out of college was doing PR for the Archdiocese of Miami.  I mostly handled media requests and wrote press materials, coordinated press conferences – that kind of thing.

I was sitting at my desk around Christmas when I got a call.  Here’s how it went:

22-year-old-me: “Hi, this is aliciamariel.  How can I help you?”

Producer: “Hi, um, yes, this is Joe Schmo.  I’m a producer with the Daily Show, a cable television news magazine out of New York City.  I was wondering if you have a priest available to talk to us about the meaning of Christmas and what is important about the season, and the tradition behind it.  Do you have someone available this afternoon? Our reporter is only in town tonight and we’d really like to have you talk to us.” {I just love the assumption that I had priests in a warehouse that I could just pull out when I needed one.}

Me: “You mean The Daily Show?!?!  Like with Jon Stewart?!?!” {I am not ashamed to admit that I totally lost my PR girl cool with this one.}

Producer: “Uhmmm…you’ve heard of us?”

Me: “Well, yeah…I’m not a nun, you know.”  {Seriously.  I said that.  I’m still shocked to this day that I didn’t follow it up with a resounding “Duh!”}

After that, the producer cracked up.  He knew he’d been busted, but I still heard him out.  And I might have still presented the ‘exciting national-coverage media opportunity’ to my boss, and I might have been internally super giddy when I saw her eyes light up at the possibility of being linked to such a media placement (she’d have taken all the credit, of course, even though I would have done all the work) and all the chaos that would ensue with that. 

I was good, though, and told her what the show actually was and that this was not a media placement we wanted. And I got some brownie points for being ‘in the know.’ But I was sooooo tempted to book it anyway.  I hope my halo was a little shinier after that little sacrifice.


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