Weekend Getaway: Charleston, South Carolina

The hubs and I decided to celebrate Independence Day in our own way….by declaring our independence and going away for the weekend.  My parents drove up from Florida to stay with Lil Man, which I am so thankful for that. It took us forever to get on the road, but once we did, it was great.  Other than missing our Lil Man and his giant hugs, we were happy to be away from work, the schedules and the non-stop chaos that our life has become.

Check out some pics from our trip:


I could write a whole drawn-out description of everywhere  we went, everything we saw, but I won’t bore you.  I’ll just sum up my highlights:

City Market: this is the main tourist drag in town, but  it used to be the actual market for the town. It so cool to walk around and see the stalls and people’s wares.  You can almost feel the history.  Especially if you’re into handmade and local talent like I am (even though only a handful of vendors were really handmade), the City Market is an awesome way to spend an afternoon or two.

Ghost Tour: I love me a good ghost tour.  It tells you how people used to live back in
the heyday of the city you’re visiting. My husband and I try to take a ghost tour wherever we go. The tour guide we had this time wasn’t the best, but the stories were pretty good, and there was a guy in our group who was all into ghost hunting and even had an EMF
reader with him, a la Ghost Hunters.  He took some pictures and said he caught some ‘orbs’, but I think they were just bugs.

City Lights Coffee: We had breakfast here a couple of the days we were there (because we slept past breakfast the first day – no baby monitor!).  It’s a local coffee shop that just ooooooozes with charm.  So cool.  If I could rule the world, I would rename that place “The Charleston Coffeehouse” – it just has that feel to it – worn wood, tin ceilings, a big old bar in the middle.  They serve the best hazelnut lattes that I’ve ever had, and they serve them in thick ceramic cups that make you curl both your hands around them and soak up the warmth.

Walking around: Charleston is a great place to just walk around and soak up history.  Every building is charming, every street is full of history. And the homes are just gorgeous.
We loved our time meandering through the streets, having gelato on the steps of the customs house (kind of reminded us of our trip to Italy a few years ago), or hanging out at the Battery.

Husk Restaurant: If you’re in Charleston and want to have one nice dinner, definitely go here.  We (the hubs, really) thought that the restaurant was just a long-ish walk away,
which it was, but we didn’t factor in the crazy hot weather.  By the time we got to Husk, I was a sweaty, drippy mess.  I was so embarrassed, especially since I didn’t realize that this place was as nice as it turned out to be.  One of the owners was at the front and greeted us like we’re his best friends.  Our waiter was really great as well.  And the food was to die for.  It was a pricey place, but worth every penny. They even gave us dessert on the house to celebrate our anniversary!  I really can’t get over how attentive and caring the staff was, and how delicious and high-quality the meal itself was.  It’s not every day you find a place
that treats you well and feeds you well.

Reconnecting: The best part of the trip, by far, was spending time with my husband.  With all his work travel and our crazy schedules, it seems like we’re been just making do and struggling to stay afloat. Taking care of our son is our priority, but I have to admit that it’s been a challenge to stay connected to each other.  Taking this time, as difficult as it was to be away from my baby boy, was so important for us.  Being able to hold hands, hang out, not worry about a schedule or house maintenance/cleaning. And we weren’t completely heartless. We came back in time to celebrate Independence Day with my parents and our Lil Man, and then enjoyed fireworks with the neighbors.


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