I’m pretty sure I’m raising a germaphobe.

One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing my son develop his personality.  His like and dislikes, his quirks, his sense of humor. It’s so cute.

But sometimes something pops up that makes you go ‘uhmm, wait a sec. this is a little odd.’  And this is one of those times.  I think he’s a germaphobe.

Here’s the evidence:

He has been able to wash his hands by himself (soap and all) for almost a year now.  I thought it was just because it’s fun to splash in the water, but maybe not.

He recently saw me using antibacterial gel and now he will scream every time he sees the bottle until I let him use some.

Every time we walk past the downstairs bath (pretty much every time we go upstairs or downstairs, or come into the house or leave it – the door to the garage is right by the stairs and the bathroom), he starts chanting “Wash up, wash up, wash up,” climbs up on the step stool and washes up.

Typical instance in my home:
Lil Man will be crying hysterically over…whatever…who knows?
Me: Oh, baby boy! It’s okay!  You want some hugs?
Me: Do you want to go wash up?
Him: sniff sniff. yeah.  sniff.  ::runs to wash his hands::

What do you think? Germaphobe or not?


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