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Can I be a wedding guest now?

Okay, so I got caught up in the royal wedding.  So sue me. I was just going to watch just to be in the know, and of course to check out the wedding dress.  But then, I saw them.  The … Continue reading

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My favorite four-letter word

Lately, I’ve been loosely following along WordPress’ Post-a-Day/Post-a-Week project.  The daily topics really get my mind going, but I either am not interested in the topic enough to sit and write about it, or I simply didn’t have the time … Continue reading

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This is why I wear flip flops.

Most people find it funny and quirky that I wear flip flops and open-toed shoes pretty much year round. That is, until they have to spend a day with me when I wear closed-toed shoes. And it’s even worse with … Continue reading

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Excitement in the Mundane

Remember when you were little, how much fun it was to go to your parents’ office, seeing the giant maze of offices and cubicles, having people sneak you candy when you knew you shouldn’t have candy?  Snagging post-its when you … Continue reading

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Apparently, Uterus Watch 2011 has begun.

Is it strange that since this past Saturday, I’ve had five people ask me when I’m going to have Baby No. 2?  Not to mention some ‘comments’ made by others. I feel like all of a sudden, everyone is watching … Continue reading

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My computer was possessed by Elmo last night.

Yup.  There I was, waiting on dinner to get done, when I had the bright idea to pull up some Sesame Street videos on YouTube for Lil Man.  He was kinda cranky and hungry, and I still had about 10 … Continue reading

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Is it almost Christmas?!

I know I’m not the only one that thinks they’re doing Christmas a little too early this year, right? The other day, I went to AC Moore to look for Thanksgiving decorations and crafts.  All I found was a small … Continue reading

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