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That’s What It’s All About

No, I’m not talking about the hokey pokey, although I have the feeling I’ll be doing a lot more of that in the future.  I’m talking about life, family and enjoying them without feeling like pulling my hair out.   I’ve … Continue reading

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My First Encounter With A Celebrity

This is today’s WordPress Post-A-Day topic: Describe your first encounter with a celebrity. I don’t think this was my first encounter with a celebrity, but it’s the first one I remember, and it’s not quite a celebrity.  I guess it’s … Continue reading

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I’ll Admit It: I’m Addicted

I’m not sure if this is normal, but one of my pregnancy cravings stayed with me.  Even now, two years later, I can’t get enough of this: Yes.  Cocoa Pebbles.  Not Puffs, Krispies, Bits or anything else.  It has to … Continue reading

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