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I’m pretty sure I’m raising a germaphobe.

One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing my son develop his personality.  His like and dislikes, his quirks, his sense of humor. It’s so cute. But sometimes something pops up that makes you go ‘uhmm, wait … Continue reading

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A Letter From Santa?!?!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas!  We are having an awesome time, full of family, giggles and just good times.  We’re awaiting some snow, which is oh-so-exciting for me.  This will be my first white Christmas!  Can’t … Continue reading

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Toddler Slumber Party!

Lil Man had a slumber party at school today, which meant they got to go to school in their jammies and bring in a teddy bear, presumably for some sort of show-and-tell.  How they achieved this with one-year-olds is still … Continue reading

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My computer was possessed by Elmo last night.

Yup.  There I was, waiting on dinner to get done, when I had the bright idea to pull up some Sesame Street videos on YouTube for Lil Man.  He was kinda cranky and hungry, and I still had about 10 … Continue reading

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Lucky Girl

Lately, I’ve been so stressed out, running myself ragged, barely having a minute to breathe, much less relax.  Even with all this running around, I made myself take time today to do something so simple, that I can’t belive I had to … Continue reading

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